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Meet Your New I-running Buddy

The First Challenge of Apple Watch Nike+, a union of two greatest companies for Tech and Sport was to provide runners a sense of community even if they train alone.

Apple has released the most recent update to its watch, the Apple Watch Nike+. The brand-new wrist watch offers two different designs: a 38mm wide costs 369USD and a 42mm wide costs 399USD. This is the latest innovation the Nike and Apple invented together ten years ago after Nike+ which gives you Music embedded within your Shoes.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is remembered for its gray color aluminum steel case and clean graphics sleek screen. Its style was simple enough as well as its interface than other contemporary running watches. The other gadgets out there looks very techy and geeky, so Apple Watch Nike+ wished to remove everything that was an interruption and keep it classy, tidy, and easy to use.

The latest model consists of all the same performance as the Series 1, however, includes a twice-as-bright display screen on the screen. It has daylight auto adjustment plus increased water resistance, not more than 50m deep and a water-lock feature, which stops the screen from being tapped wrongly or unintentionally while swimming or washing dishes. It also has a series of health-monitoring updates, weather updates, messaging along with new routing maps for swimming and other off-road hazards. One brand-new program runs through a series of breathing exercises much as the type yogis usage during meditation.

Traditional watches are one-way interactions. They don't truly interact with you. The Nike+ Run Club app set the watch specifically to connect your weekly distance to others who have the same watch. It notifies you to reach fitness goals, when to run, and how far. The primary purpose of the Nike+ is to give users a little push in their training and to be always inspired even if they train alone. Listen to Kevin Hart's motivation recording playlist; Nike's running ambassador that will give its users entertaining encouragement to during their training. This Apple Watch Nike+ makes it seem you have a running partner.

Apple Watch Nike+ has built-in GPS system that tracks routes, range, estimate time of arrival and journey, pacing, heart rate and it works independently without iPhone. Apple Watch Nike+ is the 4th variation of the Series 2 Apple watch. It follows the Apple Watch Edition, the Herme┬Ęs, and the Standard that was launched earlier this year. Get it in four different color combinations like black and white wristband and black aluminum cases; each comes with a Nike logo. More Technology tools


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