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How To Mount Your Flat Screen Tv?

If your house has limited space and you want to have a better view of your television, you should consider mounting your TV on a wall. With it mounted there, youll save the space that would have otherwise been occupied by a ground TV stand. The mounting also makes the television well visible from all parts of your room.

Things to consider before mounting your TV.

Before mounting the television to a wall, there are several things you need to consider for an excellent job. Here are some of them:

An area for placing different components.

There are several devices that you may want to connect to your television, for instance a game console, digital video recorder as well as cable boxes. These devices will need to be placed in proximity to the television because they have to be connected to its output ports. A shelf placed under the television will come in handy in holding all these items safely and in a position that is within easy reach of the ports.

How you will avoid dangling cables.

Now that you want at least a raised television, youll have to plan on how youll avoid the sight of cables dangling down your wall if you want your house to look neat. You can either ask a professional to install the cables inside the wall or install a power outlet as the back of the television. Other options include covering the cords with a cord-hider and mounting the other electronic devices behind the television if they are just a few.

The capability of your wall.

The wall area on which you are going to mount your television ought to have one or several studs since even the lightest TV may end up falling if mounted on a surface without these metal projections.

How to Mount a TV?

Having considered the aforementioned mounting conditions, the next thing to do is to mount your television. This is how youll do it:

1. Locate the wall studs Find the studs on your all, preferably using an electronic stud finder which you can rent from your nearest hardware store. Alternatively, you can establish where the studs are by tapping on your wall using your knuckles. A hollow sound after tapping indicates a dry wall while a thinner sound signifies a stud. You can confirm further confirm a stud by hammering an area where a thinner sound is heard after tapping. If the nail goes through easily, then you should know that it is a dry wall, but if it doesnt go in quickly, then that is an indication that the nail has hit a stud.

2. Mark the studs Put pencil marks on the locations of studs on your wall. Use a level while making the marks for an even and level mounting of your television.

3. Drill trial holes Once you marked the studs, the next thing to do it to drill trial holes into them. You should drill the holes according to the pattern of the holes located at the back your TV mounting bracket. However, the holes youre drilling ought to be smaller as compared to the size of the mounting bolts thatll be holding the bracket together with the wall.

4. Screw in your mounting bracket to the wall Youll need a person to assist you in this step. Place your mounting bracket against the wall in such a way that its holes are lined up well with the stud trial holes you made. Screw the biggest bolts into the trial holes and then confirm if the mounting bracket is well leveled.

5. Hang the television Hang your television on the bracket and ensure that the nuts attached to the bracket are tight for a firm grip of the television to the bracket. Besides, confirm if the bracket is strong enough to accommodate the weight of your television before releasing the TV.

4. Plugin the cables and power on Once youve confirmed that your TV is safe on the mounting bracket, plug in its cables to their appropriate places and then power on the television. Having done that, your TV will have been mounted successfully.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has been of help to you and that you can now mount your flat screen television on your wall without any struggle. Make your TV more visible to everyone in your room and save your room space by mounting on a wall. Youll also be amazed at how neat your house will look once the TV is up there and with its cables and those other related electronic devices concealed. For more information find out buying guide for the best TV wall mount.


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