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Safe Use Of Electronic Dog Training Collars

Due to the incredible but positive changes that electronic dog collars have gone through during the last eight to ten years of turbulent technical developments, these collars bear almost no resemblance to their predecessors as they used a far greater strength of electric power and were for the most part almost unregulated.

Due to the welfare of animals, consolidation of standards were recognized and accepted by the ECMA (Int. Assoc. of e-collar manufacturers). This association tackles this issue thoroughly, additionally commissioning further expert studies over and above its own research. The modern products now manufactured by reputable manufacturers, members of ECMA, advocate the humane treatment of animals. The use of these modern products often assist in replacing a number of traditional dog training methods that were a lot less considerate to animals.

With the use of remote or other static correction trainers, the training of dogs is so much easier as well as more effective too. These remote stimulus training devices correct unacceptable behavior through both positive and negative reinforcement. The remote trainer is especially effective for dogs who bark excessively, show aggressive behavior, don't listen to commands or run off whilst on a walk. These bad habits are able to be broken through the correct use of the e-collar as it allows for a quick and consistent reaction to bad behavior which therefore breaks bad habits.

Any trainer who employs a dog training e-collar remotely, has to be able to adjust it so as to avoid inflicting physical discomfort to the dog. If the e-collar is used for long periods of time or is fitted badly, the dog could become upset or irritated. It is due to these reasons that it is not advisable and possibly even dangerous for owners who aren't trained to use e-collars.

That having been said, the options on offer cover a range of items which include the harmless harness and the controversial prong. It is therefore essential that the correct choice is made for the specific situation. This may be achieved by you evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each, taking into account the requirements of your dog.

While considering your approach to the collar, it would be advisable to take a look at the best training books for dogs to enable you to make a decision on the method you'll use for training your dog. A good dog training book will definitely offer advice on the type of collar best suited to this type of training. In the end, your decision will hinge on what you feel the most comfortable with, after which you should stick with it.

When you purchase product for pets, it is best to buy branded goods. This will ensure that you are purchasing high-quality products which have to adhere to normal safety standards as well as performing their job reliably for an extended period.