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As A Youtube Blogger, Here Is Why I Cannot Be Separated From My Fourflexx Ipad Floor Stand

YouTube is a globally recognized online platform where people share videos of many interests including fashion, recipes, music and wildlife. This calls for quality videos in terms of camera work and creativity. As a YouTube blogger, my FourFlexx iPad floor stand is a must have for the following reasons:
Shooting videos is ever so easy. The ball-joints on the stand allow me to rotate it at any angle I want. For example, if am seeking opinions from two people about a product using my iPad, I do not have to move from one participant to the other holding my iPad. I simply rotate the stand.

The phone holder on the tablet stand allows me to have my phone as close as possible to me. This is very important especially when I need to confirm something online. I do not entirely rely on my iPad to seek clarifications, I use my smartphone instead.

The FourFlexx tablet holder is also portable. I easily carry it to different locations based on where I want a video to be shot. For example, if I am capturing an event in a hall, the stand is light enough to be carried around with ease instead of risking to have held it in hands. I have also used it a couple of times in the car, when my husband was driving.

I am always assured of total safety for my iPad. For example, when demonstrating a dance move, I simply set the stand at a safe distance, set up the camera and go on without fear. This is unlike holding the iPad as I dance. It would fly off my hands and land in small retina display pieces.

High quality video is guaranteed when using a FourFlexx iPad floor stand. It enables me get still videos and not shaky images. It helps to counter camera shake.

There are those times when as a YouTube blogger I ask a friend to shoot a video in which I play a part. The stand allows my friends to adjust the height to a level they are comfortable with. The flexible gooseneck legs on the FourFlexx iPad stand makes this possible.

The tablet stand also makes the iPad last longer. The same way a book read repeatedly is likely to tear is the same way an iPad is prone to physical damages such as scratches and discoloration when it is used for a long time when being held in the hand. It gives a bad impression about the owner. The FourFlexx iPad stand has prevented aging for my tablet.

The FourFlexx iPad floor stand (available on Amazon) is vital when it comes to ensuring safety of my iPad. I trust it and as a YouTube blogger, it is a pre-requisite tool. I shoot videos with clarity and precision - no wobbling!