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The All-in-one Phone

It is common knowledge that smartphones and water arent bosom buddies. Water, and moisture in general, is a well-known enemy to our favourite pieces of technology. It is our phones enemy. Without careful handling, phones are prone to being dropped or splashed in to water, and therein lies death to our much-loved, relied-upon and usually expensive piece of equipment. Even if the phone is only out of use in the short term whilst you try all the tricks under the sun (rice in the airing cupboard for oneā€¦) you are still going to be temporarily out of the loop - missing out on vital communication and potentially lost revenue. This is where a waterproof phone, all-in-one with the technology you need, comes in to its own: The situation need never have arisen in the first place.

The main concern for a phone, or any electronic item exposed to water or moisture, is corrosion to the circuit board. Even if the damage isnt immediately obvious in a phone lacking life, these effects will become apparent over time drastically reducing the lifespan of an otherwise good and reliable phone. Metals will break down and solder joints weaken. You may even lose important files and data because of the damage. As a result of oxidation and corrosion short-circuiting is a definite possibility.

However, this isnt ever an issue with a waterproof phone. A waterproof phone simply wont see water and moisture as the enemy and wont face damage as result of inadvertent exposure. They are specifically designed to continue to function and protect themselves from ingress of water. Even when doused in water, the phone will remain unharmed and will continue to function in optimal working condition. With a waterproof phone, potential problems can be avoided from the outset and emergencies due to water, avoided altogether.

This means you have an all-in-one phone that you can take with you when you go to the beach, or other potential water-zone, without any worry about it getting wet. If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast such as a surfer, biker, climber or canoeist, you can take your phone with you wherever you go, knowing that it will be there in an emergency and not cause an emergency in itself.

What you will need to take note of is the IP (Ingress Protection) Rating of the phone. This scale will let you know just how waterproof your phone is. The IP rating determines, in simple terms, determines the level of protection that a phone has against water and dust. In terms of level that the phone is waterproof you need to take note of the second number: the rating specific to protection against water.

Smartphones are a three-in-one device giving due weight to phone (communication including SMS and internet-access), camera and gaming functionality. To know this is possible in a waterproof casing that doesnt hamper the use of the phone is reassuring for those at risk of getting their phone wet. You can even use them underwater with a high IP rating, meaning you can even take submerged photos and video.

Waterproof Phones are a solution that many of us need to mitigate against the risks of damage to our palm-held technology, coming from simply by living life and doing our work. Knowing we have the peace of mind that our phone will still be the same, whatever the weather, whatever the environmental circumstances, is a reassurance we are all soon going to demand from our regular phones, making it a norm and not an add-on.