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The Four Windows 8 Editions Explained

As a previous Windows user you may find that the newer Windows 8 has many different features that you can enjoys and this will definitely help you in your daily jobs. The Windows 8 operating system was introduced to the market for few years now. However, some of the users are still not familiar with the Windows 8 editions and versions. Some people refer the Windows 8 editions as versions too. But normally we refer the versions either is Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The version 8.1 is the improvements over the existing Windows 8 edition. This article will give you the right tips on 4 different editions of Windows 8. Lets find out which editions is right for you.

Four different editions of Windows 8 or 8.1

Windows 8 is made available in four editions:

1.) Windows 8 RT (Windows Runtime)

Its also known as Windows on ARM or WOA. This is a new addition to the Windows 8 editions and its designed for ARM-based processors devices like tablets, and mobile phones.

2.) Windows 8 for the consumer market

This is the ideal choice for most new customers or those that upgrade from the older Windows to Win 8. This edition can be installed on PCs or tablets powered by x86 processors. Since its for ordinary consumers or home users, it excludes some of the business-type features.

3.) Windows 8 Pro for Enthusiasts & Professionals/Businesses

The pro edition is very suitable for more advanced users like PC enthusiasts and technical or small business professionals. It included all the features in basic Windows 8 edition plus other great features like encryption, virtualization, domain connectivity and PC management.

4.) Windows 8 Enterprise for enterprise, corporations and IT organizations

Sold only by license to large businesses or organizations, this is the most advanced Windows 8 edition. It includes all the features on Windows 8 pro plus other features like advanced security, PC management and deployment, AppLocker, BranchCache, new mobility scenarios, etc.

Windows 8 32-bit VS Windows 8 64-bit

One of the most obvious that differ the 32-bit and 64-bit system is the amount of RAM that the system can use. A 32-bit system can only address 4Gb of memory while the 64-bit Windows 8 system can use up to 8Tb of RAM. However, this is not the only difference and there is no programs compatibility issue. This means that most 32 bit programs will work on 64 bit systems. Since 64-bit systems demand higher requirements i.e. RAM usage, make sure your PC have minimum of 2Gb RAM to run. If youre planning on less than 3Gb of RAM, have an older computer, or using a 32-bit processor, the 32-bit system is recommended.


Choose the right edition of Windows 8 for you needs is important because each edition come with different pricing. Overall, Windows 8 or Windows 8 pro is very suitable for normal users depend on your computer skills and usage. After you buy the right Windows 8 edition/version, you can install and activate the Windows 8 to enjoy the full functionalities of the operating system. For more info on the Windows 8 activation, please visit