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What Is The Best Interchangeable Lens Camera

When looking for the best interchangeable lens camera there many things that you must consider. The thing about cameras is that there is no best camera for everyone. the right camera for one person would be the worst camera for another one. So the first thing you need to do is figure out what are you going to use the camera for. Also realize that even though finding the right camera is such a personal thing there are some universals to pick up the best camera. in this article we will focus on those universal attributes that all cameras should have.

The first universal thing all good cameras will have is a large enough sensor to take quality images. The size of the sensor will determine how much detail and light that a camera can take in. If you have done any research then you know that the bigger the Sensor the more camera is going to cost. With set-asides being an important aspect of the camera we suggest that you do not buy one that is smaller than a micro 4/3. With a Micro 4/3 camera you have a camera that will take very high-quality images without being overly expensive. You also find that they're quite affordable.

Finding the best interchangeable lens camera also is not about finding any old camera that can change lenses but finding one that has a high-quality selection of lenses. High-quality lens has very direct and scientific meaning. It means that a lens has a wide aperture to take images when the light is not good , it means that the system will have a selection of prime lenses and zooms and that they work very well. You need this combination of things to have a high-quality system.

As you can see there are quite a few things that you would need to consider when looking for a high-quality camera. If you stick to the things that we mentioned in this article you'll find what you need. Finding a good camera is not that hard, just stick to the good brands and you will be happy. There is such a great supply of quality cameras that you will have a good time picking the right one for your needs. Enjoy the process of learning about photography and the equipment that you will need. It is a fun hobby and half the fun is the gear.

Discovered! The Effective Methods To Capture Streaming Video?

There are times when it is not enough that you just watch streaming videos while they are being broadcasted. You are probably in a webcam session with your spouse or your colleagues and you want to have it recorded for safekeeping, or you are watching a live gaming session or a presentation and you want to save this to your local system for you to re-watch anytime with no need for internet connection. At such cases, it is best to know how to capture streaming video to make the most out of your experience.

When you want to record streaming video, you actually have two options. It is either you will go with a freeware or you choose a shareware recorder. While it can be tempting to capture streaming video with free recorders, these usually have their downsides. For instance, some free recorders cannot capture live media from the internet. Others also lack an intuitive interface and come with lots of settings. But with shareware or pair recorders, you can expect that you will not be getting any of these inconveniences as you can enjoy and download streaming video with little to no restrictions at all.

To successfully capture streaming video either online or offline, you have to know some of the top features that you have to look for in a reliable and top quality recorder. For starters, you have to look for one that will let you save streaming with a graphical user interface that is eye-catching complete with some interesting animating effects. It is also important to choose one that can produce great quality of the recorded stream.

There must also be some other interesting features such ability of manually choosing recording area on the screen, image capturing and playing the captured videos on their own video players. You might also want to choose to record your streaming video with a recorder that has the capacity of recording both video and sound from a VCR and web camera. Those that let you edit the videos in different ways such as adding texts, applying watermarks and adjusting the video colors are also great choices.

Besides doing the features comparisons, you also can compare the prices of the software as well as the support system. Its very important that the support is good because when you encounter any problems, you can seek for advices from them either online chat or manual help. Most recorders also come with free trial before you commit to buy it.

Recording streaming video should be done with a reliable recorder that comes with quality features that will help you to get the best out of your videos and enjoy them to the fullest. By learning how to capture streaming video, you can be sure that you will never miss any important moments or occasions in your life ever again. Following video show how to download streaming video for free:

The Four Windows 8 Editions Explained

As a previous Windows user you may find that the newer Windows 8 has many different features that you can enjoys and this will definitely help you in your daily jobs. The Windows 8 operating system was introduced to the market for few years now. However, some of the users are still not familiar with the Windows 8 editions and versions. Some people refer the Windows 8 editions as versions too. But normally we refer the versions either is Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The version 8.1 is the improvements over the existing Windows 8 edition. This article will give you the right tips on 4 different editions of Windows 8. Lets find out which editions is right for you.

Four different editions of Windows 8 or 8.1

Windows 8 is made available in four editions:

1.) Windows 8 RT (Windows Runtime)

Its also known as Windows on ARM or WOA. This is a new addition to the Windows 8 editions and its designed for ARM-based processors devices like tablets, and mobile phones.

2.) Windows 8 for the consumer market

This is the ideal choice for most new customers or those that upgrade from the older Windows to Win 8. This edition can be installed on PCs or tablets powered by x86 processors. Since its for ordinary consumers or home users, it excludes some of the business-type features.

3.) Windows 8 Pro for Enthusiasts & Professionals/Businesses

The pro edition is very suitable for more advanced users like PC enthusiasts and technical or small business professionals. It included all the features in basic Windows 8 edition plus other great features like encryption, virtualization, domain connectivity and PC management.

4.) Windows 8 Enterprise for enterprise, corporations and IT organizations

Sold only by license to large businesses or organizations, this is the most advanced Windows 8 edition. It includes all the features on Windows 8 pro plus other features like advanced security, PC management and deployment, AppLocker, BranchCache, new mobility scenarios, etc.

Windows 8 32-bit VS Windows 8 64-bit

One of the most obvious that differ the 32-bit and 64-bit system is the amount of RAM that the system can use. A 32-bit system can only address 4Gb of memory while the 64-bit Windows 8 system can use up to 8Tb of RAM. However, this is not the only difference and there is no programs compatibility issue. This means that most 32 bit programs will work on 64 bit systems. Since 64-bit systems demand higher requirements i.e. RAM usage, make sure your PC have minimum of 2Gb RAM to run. If youre planning on less than 3Gb of RAM, have an older computer, or using a 32-bit processor, the 32-bit system is recommended.


Choose the right edition of Windows 8 for you needs is important because each edition come with different pricing. Overall, Windows 8 or Windows 8 pro is very suitable for normal users depend on your computer skills and usage. After you buy the right Windows 8 edition/version, you can install and activate the Windows 8 to enjoy the full functionalities of the operating system. For more info on the Windows 8 activation, please visit

The All-in-one Phone

It is common knowledge that smartphones and water arent bosom buddies. Water, and moisture in general, is a well-known enemy to our favourite pieces of technology. It is our phones enemy. Without careful handling, phones are prone to being dropped or splashed in to water, and therein lies death to our much-loved, relied-upon and usually expensive piece of equipment. Even if the phone is only out of use in the short term whilst you try all the tricks under the sun (rice in the airing cupboard for oneā€¦) you are still going to be temporarily out of the loop - missing out on vital communication and potentially lost revenue. This is where a waterproof phone, all-in-one with the technology you need, comes in to its own: The situation need never have arisen in the first place.

The main concern for a phone, or any electronic item exposed to water or moisture, is corrosion to the circuit board. Even if the damage isnt immediately obvious in a phone lacking life, these effects will become apparent over time drastically reducing the lifespan of an otherwise good and reliable phone. Metals will break down and solder joints weaken. You may even lose important files and data because of the damage. As a result of oxidation and corrosion short-circuiting is a definite possibility.

However, this isnt ever an issue with a waterproof phone. A waterproof phone simply wont see water and moisture as the enemy and wont face damage as result of inadvertent exposure. They are specifically designed to continue to function and protect themselves from ingress of water. Even when doused in water, the phone will remain unharmed and will continue to function in optimal working condition. With a waterproof phone, potential problems can be avoided from the outset and emergencies due to water, avoided altogether.

This means you have an all-in-one phone that you can take with you when you go to the beach, or other potential water-zone, without any worry about it getting wet. If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast such as a surfer, biker, climber or canoeist, you can take your phone with you wherever you go, knowing that it will be there in an emergency and not cause an emergency in itself.

What you will need to take note of is the IP (Ingress Protection) Rating of the phone. This scale will let you know just how waterproof your phone is. The IP rating determines, in simple terms, determines the level of protection that a phone has against water and dust. In terms of level that the phone is waterproof you need to take note of the second number: the rating specific to protection against water.

Smartphones are a three-in-one device giving due weight to phone (communication including SMS and internet-access), camera and gaming functionality. To know this is possible in a waterproof casing that doesnt hamper the use of the phone is reassuring for those at risk of getting their phone wet. You can even use them underwater with a high IP rating, meaning you can even take submerged photos and video.

Waterproof Phones are a solution that many of us need to mitigate against the risks of damage to our palm-held technology, coming from simply by living life and doing our work. Knowing we have the peace of mind that our phone will still be the same, whatever the weather, whatever the environmental circumstances, is a reassurance we are all soon going to demand from our regular phones, making it a norm and not an add-on.