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Website Security Essentials

When it comes to web design platforms the best advice is to select a framework that has been around for a while. There may be a wide selection of new systems out there, but still the most popular selection today is WordPress.

You will find that this is a popular choice no matter how much experience the web designer may have in website development or how many advanced web design techniques he has up his or her sleeve, it just has so many redeeming factors that once you have used it once its hard to choose anything else.

Whatever your website is going to be used for, or whatever advanced SEO techniques you may want to deploy, you will find that WordPress can adapt and cover that for you. Its such an easy platform to use with access to such a big selection of plug-ins its equally easy to customize and get it to do whatever you need it to.

How About Security For Your Website? Security is a massive area of website development. You need to make sure that anything on your website cannot be easily accessed by someone not authorized to. It doesn't matter what you need your new site to do, a simple blog or a fully featured ecom site, there will always be hackers out there who will want to get their hands on your users information or install malicious software.

If this happens it can have catastrophic consequences for you and your business. It can take a long time to gain the trust of your customers but just one hacking incident can wipe that out and with it wipe out your business too.

Back in March of 2016, it was claimed by Google that over 50 million online users had been informed of websites that could contain malware. Google further penalized more than 20,000 websites for malware issues and another 50,000 suspected of phishing.

Keep Your WordPress Running on the Latest Version

WordPress is very well-managed and is frequently updated. It can easily be set up to automate the updating process so it keeps running on the latest version available.

Most of these updates cover security issues and so hopefully you can see how important it is that WordPress is kept running on the latest version available. But its not just the WordPress core files that you need to keep updated, you will also need to keep any WordPress plugins that youve installed on your site on the latest version for exactly the same reasons.

Simple Precaution Often Overlooked By taking the simple precaution of ensuring the all usernames and passwords are both complex and random you will go a long way to ensuring that WordPress security is maximized on your site. Make one of your first tasks on a new site the deletion of the default admin user account as this is such an easy target for any potential hackers to focus on.

Make usernames more secure by adding random characters and your passwords should ideally be in excess of eight characters and made up of a random combination of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numerics.

If any of this looks too difficult or you just want the peace of mind of having a security expert check things over, it will be easy for you to find somebody.


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