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How To Watch Live Tv Online Plus On-demand For Cheap

If you're thinking about cutting cable/satellite TV or already done so, then the next step is finding an alternative. Like many, you probably want to save cost but dont want to lose watching favorite television programs. Before I cut the cord, I wanted to continue watching entertaining old/recent movies, TV shows, and live sports.

Today, there are numerous on-demand video websites available to watch videos, TV shows and movies online. Some of these sites include Hulu, Neflix, and YouTube. But what about live TV? Besides on-demand streaming content, I wanted access to Live TV channels from popular networks without cable or satellite.

Many people don't realize how easy it is to watch local OTA TV channels from TV stations in the area. And how to do this without the likes of a paid television service. How? Simply buy a 50 mile radius, amplified, indoor HDTV antenna and connect it to the back of the television.

Place the flat head antenna on the closest window (higher the better). If not, place it somewhere to get the best television reception. Next, grab the TV remote and hit Input or Source or whatever command to open the input options menu on the television screen. Select TV if not already selected. Now find the command to scan all local channels in the area. Thats all there is to it!

But what about access to premium live TV channels/networks such as ESPN, Sky, CNN, MSNBC, Disney Channel, TNT, and many other entertaining channels? The good news is more and more content providers, like HDBGo, have starting to go solo and competing with cable. They are answering the call on what many subscribers want and have complained about.

Some of these complaints include: Wanting a la cart TV programming; Smaller low-cost packages of premium channels/networks; No bundled package (Internet, TV, and phone); no contract. More of these content providers are streaming some of their content online, at a much affordable price.

There are some 3rd party web-based TV/VOD services out there as well. They offer all-in-one platforms that bring together many premium live TV channels with or without on-demand. Users can get access to Live TV, Local TV, Global TV, Sports TV, VOD TV Shows and VOD Movies online all from one place.

The cost can be a small one-time fee with lifetime access or low-cost subscription package, whereas you get access to over 100 live premium television channels/networks. All the content can be watched online when using any Internet-connected device with a web browser.

These 3rd-party services are not affiliated or a part of any cable or satellite television company. They dont own or host the content thats delivered; they only direct-connect members to the content which can be viewed from one location.

The best 3rd party web-based TV/VOD service doesnt offer or connect to any P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks. They simply direct-connect you to various streaming content that you choose to watch online. Just point and click the name of the channel or content link to start watching it immediately.

When I made the decision to use a 3rd-party web-based service, I paid $40 (one-time fee) to get access to over 150 live premium TV channels with plenty of on-demand content. This enabled me to watch many old/recent TV shows, movies, news broadcast, live sporting events, from around the world.

I use another 3rd-party service (cost: $29/yr.) that offered a live sports package with entertainment channels. Online live premium TV channels are provided, no on-demand. With Netflix ($8/mo.), YouTube (free), and two these 3rd party services, I have access to the best of web TV entertainment online. All this which comes without the high cost of cable or satellite.

Many YouTube users, from time to time, record and upload recent movies and TV shows (copyrighted) for everyone to watch. If you do a search on YouTube for... full length movies ... and then use the Filters to select Today or This week or This month, more than likely you will find many movies that appeared in movie theaters not long ago. However, you need to act fast before YouTube officials find those videos and remove them.

Recap: To WatchTvLive, there are two ways to get it. Join one or more low-cost, 3rd party web-based services or content provider not affiliated with cable/satellite. Setup an indoor HDTV antenna to get access to local OTA channels.

This is how to watch TV online and offline at little cost. No contact, price hikes, or paying for many channels that no one watch. For as little as $15 per month, can bring over 150 entertaining live TV channels with plenty of on-demand content with it.

What device can be used? Any device with a web browser such as smartphone, computer, tablet, Chromecast, or smart TV w/ web browser. Or connect an Internet-connected computer to HDTV, which, by the way, is the best streaming media device. That's because a computer has no limitations or restrictions.

TV viewers are not limited to TV apps. Instead, they have access to the World Wide Web and all the streaming content available worldwide. A computer can also download TV software and web browser plug-ins to watch television online.

This is how to watch live TV online when using what you already have, without cable or satellite. The tradeoff is the convenience in watching cable/satellite with a remote control compared to low-cost of Internet TV with free and pay-to-watch content, plus more choices.


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