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Comparison Between Directv & Dish

In the US today, there are only two satellite television service providers who're battling it out to be at the top -- DISH Network & DirecTV.

Both these companies are known to offer excellent service, digital broadcast quality & great consumer help center. However, the major difference among these two companies is obviously the programming package which they offer.

Satellite TV Service Benefits

Satellite TV is broadcast in all-digital quality, this offers you with the best quality sound and picture available.

Satellite television provides you access to numerous different PPV movies, programs, ad free music channels and special events.

Satellite television uses digital video recording or DVR receivers that enable you to record your favorite TV shows whilst bypassing the commercials.

Satellite television can be much more convenient as compared to an over the air TV or cable TV. On average, broadcast outages just 1 percent as compared to 3 percent to 5 percent for the cable TV.

Satellite TV Services

DISH Network

Launched in the year 1996, DISH Network is the 2nd-largest satellite television service provider with over 12 million subscribers. It's also ranked number one in terms of customer satisfaction rate by J.D. Power & associates.

The standards package provides in excess of 255 TV channels, which includes music channels, PPV movies, special events, sports packages, movie channels, & global programming.

DISH Network also offers a variety of TV shows and movies with most of them in HD format.

Once the customer orders their service, the system, i.e., the satellite TV dish, setup and installation is offered for free in up to 4 rooms by the DISH Network.

Programming packs begin at $31.99 each month for the pack of 135 channels in addition to Showtime, Cinemax and HBO.

Important: For finding more about the Dish network's latest offerings & free bonuses, visit The Satellite TV Guide website.

Direct TV

DirecTV service, launched in the year 1994, was the very first direct broadcast satellite television service across the globe.

It's presently one of the biggest satellite television services with almost 14.5 million subscribers and still growing.

It's ranked number two in terms of customer satisfaction rate by J.D. Power & associates. DirecTV also offers in excess of 255 programming channels. This includes music channels, PPV movies, international programming, movie channels, & special events.

In addition, DirecTV offers the most sports programming package, which also includes NFL-Sunday-Ticket.

After the customer orders the programming package from DirecTV, the system, i.e., the dish and receivers is offered for free for up to 4 rooms. Also, the setup is free.

Programming packs begin at $41.99 each month for the pack of 135 channels (including 31 music TV channels), along with Starz, Showtime & HBO.


In case you are a sports buff and want to get exciting sports packages which also includes the popular NFL Sunday-ticket that enables you to watch virtually all the NFL football matches, then DirecTV is your best option.

In case you love watching movies and want to enjoy the biggest variety of television shows and movies, along with the most High-Definition TV channels for HD programming, then you might want to consider the satellite television service from the DISH Network.


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